Growtek have been the major supplier of trees for our new almond development starting from 2016 through to 2018 with a total of 250,000 trees. I made multiple visits to the nursery discussing tree structure and I found that whatever was requested with height, thickness and laterals is exactly what got delivered on farm, which saved us thousands of dollars not having to run a pruning crew through after planting. Logistics was another strong point from us wanting 1,000 trees delivered and then up to 30,000 trees delivered, all coming pre dipped in nogall saving us once again thousands of dollars. Not only did we save money through Growtek we received trees that quality was second to none.

CMV FARMS – LOXTON SOUTH AUSTRALIA, Jeremy Miatke Property Manager

Growtek have been supplying us with our tree requirement since 2002, Lachie has always done his utmost to supply us with the best in tree Quality and deliver to our specific specifications in height and tree thickness. Lachies knowledge in regards to rootstock and tree growing habits has been a good source of information for me over the years.

Walker Flat Almonds, Peter Cavallaro General Manager

Since 2000 there has been a regular and growing involvement and trust in Lachie McKenzie’s Growtek Nurseries at Koraleigh In the early days when large developments became the norm, Growtek provided trees for the MIS Project at Liparoo and Carina for Timbercorp. In fact, to achieve the continually changing target it was with the support of Growtek that many of the trees of varying size saw 2001 planting start at 750 Ha and end at 1350 Ha. while managed by SHV. My contact with Growtek came again when Macquarie Bank entered the market and with short notice a further 1200 hectares were grown over 4 years and we needed Lachie McKenzie’s trust in us as well. The Price was right, the Quality was assured, and the flexible nature of the development suited our mutual needs between 2005 and 2009.

Christopher Greig, St Clair Management Group

Growtek has been our establishment partner for the extensive Walnut Grove developments at Yanco Valley and Murrami, now trading as Duxton Nuts.
Lachie McKenzie is a key contributor to these institutional quality Walnut Groves. Lachie’s independent, experienced advice on varieties and outstanding selection of genetic material means our trees are resilient and suit our specific climatic conditions.
Growtek’s approach is professional and courteous. We are delivered high quality plant material in a timely manner, together with value-adds such as climate controlled mobile plant storage during planting, flexible delivery times and on call support through all phases of plant development.
We recommend Growtek as the Australian Horticultural establishment partner of choice.

Peter and Katherine Herrmann Director and Operations Managers Duxton Nuts Pty Ltd

Growtek supplied our new development with 42,000 almond trees delivered in very good healthy condition in refrigerated easy access trailers to ensure they are planted in their best condition possible. The bundles of trees delivered were uniform and well graded which provided us with a good even bud burst and even canopy growth throughout the block helping with management in the future. Growtek’s team were flexible with our delivery schedule regardless of what day of the week and having all trees pre-dipped for Crown Gall reduced our on farm activities and labour requirements through our planting period. We have confidence in using Growtek as a supplier for any future tree requirements.

Amaretto Almonds Tooleybuc NSW

Growtek supplied the vast majority of trees for our recent Canally Development at Balranald NSW. We found that Growtek’s ability to treat trees with a Crown Gall inoculant at the nursery, helped immensely with busy planting programs at the farm level. I have always found Lachie and his team to be very professional, deliver what they claim and are knowledgeable and generous with their time.

Australian Farming Services, Paul Forster Farm Manager