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Tree products grown & delivered to industry standards of excellence

Growtek is a respected supplier of tree products and services to the nut industries and supports the peak body organisations in both industries, being The Almond Board of Australia and the Australian Walnut Industry Association.

At Growtek we strive to provide high-quality tree products and services to setup growers for success.

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Supports Industry Standards & Excellence

Growtek Pty Ltd supports Almond Board industry standards in growing our trees and in the way we deliver our products and services.  We are the first nursery to have adopted the Almond Board of Australia's tree standards

Adopts the latest technologies for quality yield

Growtek is forward thinking and adopts the latest industry approved technologies to produce the best quality tree products for our clients

Offers customisation of tree products to meet client needs

Growtek allows our clients to nominate canopy style, number of limbs, exact heading height and the limb diameter of their tree products to meet their specific needs & requirements

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Takes special care in the delivery of tree products

For orders over 10,000 trees, Growtek delivers trees in one of it's refrigerated semi trailers, leaving the trailer on site for
our client to access trees during planting without the need for unloading and causing any damage.


Growtek supply 1 and 2 year old trees and rootstocks for both almond and walnut varieties.  We support and are endorsed by both the almond and walnut industry peak bodies and are licenced to propagate selected almond varieties supported by the Almond Board of Australia. 


The above photos are courtesy of Walker Flat Almonds  showcasing their beautiful orchard.


The above VIDEO is courtesy of Amaretto Almonds.  Trees supplied by Growtek

The photo is of Peter Cavallaro, Director on the Almond Board of Australia (ABA) and General Manager of Walker Flat Almonds.  Peter was the driving force behind the Almond Board of Australia’s Almond Nursery Tree Classification Scheme.  The picture shows Peter receiving his first trees delivered and graded under the principles of the scheme.

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