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The Almond Tree

The almond is a deciduous tree which reaches full bearing five to six years after planting. The flowers are a beautiful white / pale pink and have five petals. Almond trees grow best in warm, dry summers and mild, wet winters.  Blossom usually occurs from late July to early September and the hull begins to split during summer, from early January.  Harvest occurs between February and April, when the nut is at an acceptable moisture level.



Licenced to propagate

Growtek is licenced to propagate a number of Hybrid almond rootstocks. 

Please contact us about your specific rootstock requirements.

Rootstock - Almond
Varieties & Factsheets - Almond
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Varieties & Fact Sheets

According to the Almond Board of Australia  "Australian almond growers are keen to find new varieties as an alternative to the industry mainstay Nonpareil. From 2016 to 2019 new varieties accounted for 1,709 hectares or 12.5% of the 13,702 hectares planted. This uptake has been aided by the commercialisation of six new varieties through the Australian almond breeding program." 

Growtek is licenced to propagate these new varieties supported by the Almond Board of Australia.

Below are these six varieties with their related Fact Sheets.

Growtek also supply traditional almond varieties which include:

4. Price Variety Fact Sheet.jpg

With a moderately compact size, the Wood Colony almond is suitable for close plantings and is a consistent, heavy producer. The kernel is medium size and elongated with a semi-soft, well-sealed shell. The tree is smaller than Carmel, but has a similar spreading growth habit. Due to its compact size the tree is suitable for close planting.


Growtek supply a selection of 1 and 2 year old trees.

Please contact us for your requirements.

Videos - Almond



The following videos are from the Almond Board of Australia providing more information on 3 of the selected varieties, Carina, Maxima and Mira.

About Maxima
About Mira
About Carina
Almond Industry Endorsement

Growtek is licenced by the Almond Board of Australia (ABA) as a tree supplier for the ABA's varieties and rootstocks.

The Almond Board of Australia is the peak industry body for the almond industry in Australia that facilitates the development of the industry, seeks to maximise the viability of stakeholders and ensure its sustainability.

 The ABA guides the industry’s development by addressing a wide range of challenges and opportunities. These include yield improvement, risk management, cost of inputs and their efficient and sustainable use, better management of pests and diseases, building domestic and export consumption and brand awareness of Australian almonds in export markets.


Licenced by the ABA

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