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The Walnut Tree

The walnut tree is large and spreading in habit, growing slowly to about 25m tall, long-lived and deciduous.  

Walnut trees are a temperate species, requiring distinct cold and warm periods through the year.  The work load for walnut growers is intensive during spring and autumn, but as the trees are dormant through winter they require little attention during these months.



Walnut orchards are established by planting selected cultivars that are grafted onto a robust rootstock, such as the American black walnut (Juglans nigra), Californian black walnut (Juglans hindsii) or a walnut hybrid.


Growtek supply each of the following rootstocks:



Paradox Hybrid

Rootstock - Walnuts
Varieties Available - Walnuts
Walnut Varieties.png

Varieties Available

Growtek supply a range of walnut tree varieties which include:


Large, smooth, and oval shaped, Chandler walnuts are known around the world and are highly prized for their extra light and high quality kernels with a mild sweet flavour. Mid season and very fruitful production.  Thin shell  & easy cracking.


The Howard cultivar produces a large, round, smooth and well- sealed nut with a very high percentage of light kernels (96%).  Howard is a laterally fruitful, mid-season walnut with heavy bearing potential.


The Cisco walnut is an extremely late-leafing, laterally fruitful variety.  In growth habit, the Cisco tree is semi-upright and relatively small. The Cisco nut and kernel are similar to Franquette, but slightly larger. Kernel colour can be variable.  Late season, pollinator.

4. Franquette.jpg

The Franquette is an attractive shade tree that produces consistent crops of plump, sweet, medium sized walnuts.   Partially self pollinating Franquette is medium yielding, has  medium-thin shell with good seal.  The kernel is good quality,  light and extra light in color.


The Tulare is self pollinating and matures in April.  Has the enormous advantage of being self fertile, also blooms late (a plus in frosty areas) but still matures nuts in mid season. Comes into production early in life and bears heavily. Nuts are light in colour, large, round and well sealed.


The Sunland is an early-leafing, late-maturing walnut, offers heavy crops of particularly huge nuts with plump kernels averaging 10.4 grams.  he Sunland kernel is light with a very good crack out (58%).


Growtek supply the walnut tree products as:

  • Bare Rooted 1 y/o grafted

  • Bare Rooted 2 y/o grafted

  • Potted 1 y/o graft in 5.5 Lt Pot

  • Dormant Budded Rootstock

Support of AWIA

awia-logo-small 2.png

Growtek is a proud supporter of the Australian Walnut Industry Association (AWIA) as a supplier of Walnut trees to the industry.

The Australian Walnut Industry Association is the peak national body representing the Australian walnut industry. It speaks on behalf of growers, nurserymen, processors, wholesalers and marketers.

They "promote and support the production of high-quality walnuts, including the quality control of planting stock used in Australia, sound cultivation practices, the establishment of quality standards for the production and grading of walnuts, and research into quality control."

Industry Endorsement - Walnut
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